“ Let business and artistic value go hand in hand. "
Grandvity Visual Integration Co., Ltd. was established in 2018 by visual designer Noodlemaker in Taipei, Taiwan. We provide visual design integration services for clients ranging from performing arts to business corporations.
Through our subculture, our unique sensitivity towards the pop industry enables us to create multifaceted design solutions. “The more interesting the life, the more exciting the work”, is our motto. Our life experiences and rich observations are embodied in our portfolio. We specialize in incorporating business values into design, shaping a brand’s position and value in the market.
In addition to visual design, we also provide a full scale visual integration service that includes brand consulting, marketing strategy, interactive design, and video production. Our clients are young oriented and come from different types of industries ranging from music, film and television, sports, performing arts, to corporations. We will create new industrial visual aesthetics for our clients.
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