We’ll Be Fine!|Event

Once the pandemic passes, we'll be fine!

“We'll Be Fine!” is an online music festival that brings together seven female independent music artists. Hosted by the founder of Csha Music Creativity, SeeHan Chen, the event is named using a simple and powerful phrase in hopes that everyone can survive the pandemic through the power of music.

The main visual uses light beams that represent the firm and gentle female power of the seven creators. Follow the lights, anticipate the bright future that is soon yet to come.

Client|Csha Music Creativity Co., Ltd.

Art Director|Noodlemaker
Account Manager|Grape Chiu
Executive Manager|Sarah Peng
Project Manager|Tzu Lee
Design Director|Si Jia Sun
Typography Designer|Noodle Wang
Visual Designer|Si Jia Sun
Portfolio Designer|Patricia Ho
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