ASUS Republic of Gamers, the leading e-sports brand, uses advanced technology to create a new vision of e-sports kingdom for players. Combining the cooling technology of “Liquid Metal” and “Arc Flow Fans”, ASUS creates “INTELLIGENT COOLING”, a new technology that provides e-sports players with specialized hardware cooling technology. 

For INTELLIGENT COOLING’s logotype, blue and silver are used with a special 3D effect to showcase the fluidity of liquid metal and the stable airflow of the fan. These features of the logo depict cooling wind.

Whereas, NEBULA DISPLAY / NEBULA HDR adopts the colorful nebula material by displaying the vivid and rich colors, and smooth dynamic images which allow players to explore the visual aesthetic  in the game universe.

Client|ASUS Republic of Gamers
Art Director|Noodlemaker
Account Manager|Grape Chiu
Project Manager|Sarah Peng/Jenny Lee
Design Director|Si Jia Sun
Typography Effect Designer|Si Jia Sun
Portfolio Designer|Show Yen

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