【#OSNRAP - BYGONES】高爾宣 OSN | Packaging
#OSNRAP - BYGONES 收錄了 6 首歌,像是一部紀錄著高爾宣 這 2 年的電影,依序聆聽就能體會到他的故事,在創作中,終於可以脫下這世界為他塑造的偽裝枷鎖,透過音樂聽見真實的他。
專輯裝幀以爾宣「非商業」的創作理念發想,所有的黑紙都選用了長瑩紙業 的 Matter,粗糙顆粒的紙質與黑色的紙芯,以 UV 印刷依序上兩次白、紅、黃與局部亮油,呈現出黑紅交融的海洋,如憤怒、如混沌、如熱情、如漩渦,裡面藏著爾宣身上的刺青元素,從特別角度的反光,可以看見刻畫在他身上的重要陪伴,就像他的音樂真實而不張揚,卻也充滿著生命的力量,支持著他,與迷茫無助的你。

#OSNRAP-BYGONES is OSN's second album that reminisces his journey in the last two years when he experienced a fast rise to fame and the pressures that came along with it. When he composes, he can remove himself from the chains of society and express his true self through his music.
Although this album is for non-commercial use, we designed packaging for the album. We selected Black Matter, a rough textured paper, as the main material. Furthermore, we UV printed white, red, and yellow to represent intertwining emotions of anger, complication, and passion. In addition, OSN’s tattoos are hidden in the pattern. From a certain angle of reflection, you can see them. This album is just like his music, authentic yet modest and full of life.
Type | Packaging
Year | 2021
Client / Artist | OSN 高爾宣
Production | Grandvity Design
Art Director|Noodlemaker
Account Manager|Grape Chiu​
Project Manager|Sarah Peng
Design Director|Si Jia Sun
Visual Designer|Noodlemaker
Designer|Patricia Ho/Claire Jen
Motion Designer|Si Jia Sun
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