MOMAN - Taipei Arena Concert |Event

Matilda Tao, also known as Momoko, has debuted for more than 30 years. She has a variety of identities: singer, host, writer, media founder, wife, mother…. Through these identities, she brings us warmth and strong female power; which is also the theme of this concert: MOMAN, a combination of MOMOKO + WOMAN + MAN, breaking gender stereotypes and creating a unique Moment.

Grandvity Design created the visual poster in collaboration with graphic designer Neil Tien and photographer Ming-shih Chiang. As for the key visual, we incorporated Matilda’s past works such as her songs, book, and television show, to remind everyone of her greatest and most iconic moments.

Client|KKLIVE Taiwan
Production|Grandvity Design 
Artist|Matilda Tao 陶晶瑩

Photographer|Ming-shih Chiang
Logotype Designer|Neil Tien

Project Manager|Grape Chiu
Digital Artist|Noodlemaker
Instagram Filter Designer|Show Yen
Portfolio Designer|Patricia Ho​
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