Marker X | Branding
Marker Exploration corp. (or Marker X) expertises in preventive medicine by using blood to screen the human body for oncoproteins. Unlike DNA testing, which can only predict the possibility of a disease, oncoprotein testing can accurately determine any changes of the body.

The logo uses the measuring instrument - a mass spectrometer, and takes elements from the data graph (Peak) to intertwine M and X and incorporates the imagery of blood testing in the letter "a" of the logo. The “Peak” and “X” are further extended in various design templates. Even if the logo doesn’t appear, it can show the uniqueness and professionalism of the brand.

Cancer has become the top 10 leading causes of death. Marker X provides early prevention solutions to bring people a healthy, long life.

Client|Marker Exploration 銳準生醫
Production|Grandvity Design
Art Director|Noodlemaker
Account Manager|Grape Chiu
Project Manager|Sarah Peng/Jenny Lee
Design Director|Si Jia Sun
Typography Designer|Si Jia Sun / Tai Jiang Lin
Visual System Designer|Jasmine Lin
Portfolio Designer|Show Yen
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