Journey | Packaging
Ten songs of personal experience, piled up to form an unforgettable journey;
A car that cuts through the sea, carrying intriguing stories.

Writing postcards, flipping through handbooks, noting down every scenery;
Gathering letters and ticket stubs, let the music accompany you, and set off for the future.


The album design is based on the concept of travel journals. The cover uses a paper clip to hold the ticket, and invites fans and friends to participate in this "JOURNEY" together. 

Begin by riding through the wind and waves; compile handwritten postcards and stamps on the inner pages, this album shares the artist’s deepest and most emotional journey. The inner photobook uses torn paper and casual handwriting typesetting to record memories and feelings of each emotional station. By flipping through this journal, immerse yourself in this emotional journey of OSN.
Client | OSN 高爾宣
Year | 2023
Production | Grandvity Design

Art Director | Noodlemaker
Account Manager | Grape Chiu
Project Manager | Sarah Peng
Design Director | Si Jia Sun
Album Designer | Jason Lee
Portfolio Designer / Photographer | Patricia Ho
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