Ivy Lee - Start-Up|Album Design

Malaysian singer Ivy Lee (李艾薇) won the 2019 championship on the Taiwanese singing competition TV show "Jungle Voice 聲林之王." Since then, she has achieved great success in the Chinese pop music industry, with her music video surpassing 10 million views.

In 2023, Ivy released her second solo album, "Start-Up," shedding her childish image. Grandvity designed the album packaging, featuring a Unicorn-themed company with a complete corporate visual system. We also developed a "stock market trend chart" and a "profit pie chart" for Ivy's Unicorn enterprise, along with an "IVY Ltd. Employee ID Set" that invites fans to become her business partners and invest in this “blue-chip stock”.

Client | Universal Music Taiwan 環球音樂
Production | Grandvity Design

Art Director | Noodlemaker
Account Manager | Grape Chiu
Project Manager | Sarah Peng
Design Director | Si Jia Sun​
Logotype Designer | Jason Lee
Album Designer | Jason Lee / Jasmine Lin
Portfolio Designer | Patricia Ho
Typography | Arphic Font 文鼎字型
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