Hardwired | Branding

Hardwired is a handcrafted silver jewelry brand with a focus on gentleman aesthetics. Its designs incorporate lifestyle into personal style, offering elegance for formal occasions and a refined look for everyday wear.

The brand's identity system, including logo, print materials, packaging, and photography, has received recognition, winning the Gold in the Brand category of 2020 Indigo Design Award. By combining deer head and laurel wreath, the logo represents the "Lukang Pride” and is accompanied by a black and gold pattern that showcases understated luxury.

Since its establishment in 2017, Hardwired has crafted unique accessories using innovative metal craftsmanship. The brand continues to explore possibilities and radiate its spirit through annual conceptual exhibitions, with a commitment to excellence.
Client | Hardwired

Designer | Noodlemaker
Exhibition Designer | Bochen
Photography | HOW CHAN Photography / Chun Teng Lin
Portfolio Designer |  Si Jia Sun

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