Grandvity Universe | Packaging
「物以類聚年鑑 Grandvity Universe」,集結類聚過去的作品大成,包含各類型業態的精選案例,以及標準字設計常見風格案例,更以11種黑紙和14種印刷加工,製作成不同章節,讓內容不僅只是作品集,也能當作紙樣與印樣的工具書。

Grandvity Universe 命名來自於我們對每個作品誕生的想像,就像探索著宇宙,碰觸未知解開後,賦予星體具體的樣貌與個性,在這本書,你可以看到屬於物以類聚的小宇宙。

Grandvity Universe is a breadth of our past works, including selections from various industries, and common logotype designs. Using 11 types of black paper and 14 types of printing finishes, our catalogue is divided into different chapters. “Grandvity Universe” doesn’t only serve as a portfolio, but also as a convenient paper and print sample book. 

The title Grandvity Universe is inspired by our imaginations for the birth of each work. Like exploring the universe, we unfold the unknown and form every individuals’ appearance and personality. In this catalogue, you can discover this universe that belongs to Grandvity Design.
Production | Grandvity Design
Art Director | Noodlemaker
Project Manager | Grape Chiu 
Designer | Si Jia Sun/Jasmine Lin 
Photographer | Si Jia Sun
Print | 九水印刷
Paper Supplier(依順序排列)|
長瑩紙業-Ever Prosperous/方越貿易 世界的進口紙/采憶紙品有限公司 - Cherry Paper/丰森紙業/峻揚紙業/巨圓紙業 Pimex/呈昕紙業/聯美紙業 Inter - States Paper/大亞紙業/恆成紙業/Auspic Paper/源圓紙業
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