Drink in >|Branding

“Drink in>” is a new beverage shop offering various drinks and finger foods in Taipei, Taiwan. Located in a quiet street by the bustling Eastern District, friends and family can chat and rest here from day until night, enjoying everything from a classic Taiwanese bubble tea to a late night beer.

Grandvity has designed the branding of “Drink in>” and collaborated with 32 Design Studio in extending the brand characteristics of “street-style” and “minimalism” into the interiors. Combining desaturated natural materials and shapes, we create the most orange and unique beverage shop in Taipei!
The name “Drink in>” can be interpreted two ways: the action of drinking, and where you drink “in”. We hid the symbols < > in the letter “K” of the logo to strengthen being in “Drink in>”.

Client|Drink in ﹥
Production|Grandvity Design

Art Director|Noodlemaker / Jumping Chiang
Account Manager|Grape Chiu
Project Manager|Sarah Peng / Jenny Lee
Design Director|Si Jia Sun
Logotype Designer|Si Jia Sun​
Visual System Designer|Si Jia Sun / Jasmine Lin / Luna Wang
Portfolio Designer|Jasmine Lin / Patricia Ho
Interior Design|32 Design Studio
Photographer|Jumping Chiang / Andrew Kan / Dola Chao
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