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Definite Select 是位於新竹的潮流選物店,經銷許多國內外知名品牌如「Supreme」、「Sight Clothing」和國際知名銀飾品牌「Hardwired」等。


Definite Select is a high fashion streetwear select store located in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Their selected brands include Supreme, Sight Clothing, and internationally renowned silver accessory brand, Hardwired.

In 2020, Definite Select debuted with a new brand identity. Grandvity Design extended their signature street style to brand applications and storefront designs. In the early stages of the project, everyone shared the same vision: bright cement walls with light blue neon lights. With this in mind, we chose blue and white as the primary brand colors, topped off with purple and pink laser gradients. The color system is applied to business cards, tags, and paper bags. With laser edge foiling, the brand’s applications appear to be an art form itself. 

The logo system also incorporated a check, a symbol of ‘select’ into other brand applications and interior designs. Our brand planning contributed to the value and story behind each brand's products.
Type | Branding
Year | 2020
Client | Definite Select

Production | Grandvity Design
Art Director | Noodlemaker
Project Manager | Grape Chiu/Sarah Peng
Logo Designer | Noodle Wang
Visual Identity Designer | Jasmine Lin 
Name Card Photographer | Si Jia Sun/Chun Teng Lin
Interior Photographer | Spin Photographer
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