Apollo | Branding
阿波羅 取自希臘太陽神之名,透過​​智慧建築系統整合,以智能的開關與控制器,掌握空間三元素「陽光」、「空氣」、「水」,打造最舒適居家空間。

​Apollo, named after the Olympian God of sun, is a series of smart home systems and devices. With switches and controllers, the users are able to control and customize their homes into a comfortable space.
The visual system incorporates the rise and fall of the sun, the flow of wind, and the infinite circulation of water ripples. On the other hand, the color palette includes a welcoming yellow and a blue that is not too cold. With Apollo, you can adjust to the most suitable temperature, construct a smart space that knows you best.
Client|Apollo Aiot Co., Ltd.
Production | Grandvity Design
Art Director | Noodlemaker
Project Manager | Sarah Peng / Grape Chiu
Lead Designer|Si Jia Sun
Logotype Designer|Noodlemaker / Pei Tzu Ku
Designer | Pei Tzu Ku / Show Yen
Motion Designer|Si Jia Sun / Show Yen

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