2023 New Taipei CTBC DEA Theme Day | Event

New Taipei CTBC DEA (新北中信特攻) is a Taiwanese professional basketball team based in New Taipei City, Taiwan. With outstanding performance, they won the 2023 T1 championship. Grandvity Design was honored to have designed their event visual and jersey for one of their theme days during the season.
Client | New Taipei CTBC DEA (新北中信特攻)
Production | Grandvity Design

Art Director | Noodlemaker
Account Manager | Grape Chiu​
Project Manager | Sarah Peng
Design Director | Si Jia Sun
Digital Artist | Si Jia Sun
Typography Designer | Jason Lee / Noodle Wang
Designer | Jasmine Lin
Jersey Designer | Jason Lee
Portfolio Designer | Patricia Ho
Photographer | Yang Shih Chuan
Makeup Artist | Annie Wei
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